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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas

(We are delivering to Dads in Gunnedah Fathers Day Weekend)

2020 is going to go down in history as year we all want to forget.

When my daughter moved to Queensland, I used to have a nightmare that had me waking myself in tears thinking that I am not going to be able to see my daughter. That some "force" was stopping me from being with my daughter and stopping her from being with her family. 

Who would have thought when I started dreaming that 10 years ago when she went of to Ag College in Emerald that that exact scenario would ever be real! Yet here we are in 2020 living that exact thing!

As florists, this has by far been the busiest year since we went into business.  Its a privileged that we are a conduit between families sharing their love through gift deliveries of flowers & hampers.

With that in mind, we have come up with a fabulous new concept for Fathers Day this year.  Its always a bit tough coming up with something "Blokey" enough for our Dads.  Something that lets them know that their family, even though they cant be together are thinking about him on this special day.




2020 has thrown a bit of a curve ball for almost all of us, but the Brewquet gives you the opportunity to provide dad with a unique gift idea this Father’s Day that he can really enjoy. Whether dad is a chocolate lover, enjoys his cider or beer, or simply loves having fresh wildflowers
in the house (don’t we all?), the Brewquet offers plenty of customisation to best suit your dad.

Snack Brewquet

Everyone loves a snack with their Sunday afternoon drink, and what better option than a snack Brewquet? 6 x 375ml bottles or cans, topped with some yummy snacks including nuts, chips, chocolates and more. A unique gift idea that brings everyone together.

Chocolate Brewquet

Chocolate may not seem like a unique Father’s Day gift idea (gosh knows how many dad’s have received a box of chocolates, some peanut brittle or some homemade fudge over the years!) but it pairs very well with a brewquet. The big benefit is there is plenty of space on 
top of the Brewquet for a pretty extensive chocolate display! Whether you prefer a flower arrangement type display or prefer the snack arrangement display, a chocolate brewquet is sure to go down well.

Flower Brewquet 

So, flowers aren’t your typical Father’s Day gift idea, but why not? Dad’s don’t need blokey gifts all the time, and there are plenty of great flower options for Father’s Day – Blue salvia means “thinking of you”, myrtle means “good luck”, magnolia signifies a love of nature, while
zinnias symbolise never forgetting absent friends (making them perfect when your dad doesn’t live nearby). Does your dad love Australian native flowers? These make for a bright and wonderful flower brewquet.

Some of Our Favourite Combinations

There’s always going to be some favourite combinations, and at Enchanted On Conadilly we’ve seen some great creations put together, so we wanted to share some of our favourites:

• The Snack Brewquet pairs perfectly with a pale ale, particularly with snacks with a bit of bite.

• The Chocolate Brewquet pairs well with a range of beers, with stout going well with a dark chocolate, a pilsner with white chocolate or a nutty chocolate with your favourite Bourbon.

• The Original Brewquet is best for a sampling of a range of beers and ciders. Choose some of your own favourites or a mix of international flavours.

• The Flower Brewquet goes well with any drink option, and you can make this really stand out by choosing a drink in a complimentary colour to the flowers you choose.

If you can’t be with dad this Father’s Day, or you’re looking for something different to the normal socks and jocks, a Brewquet is the perfect unique gift option this September.

Want to order something special for your Dad?

We will make it up and customise to suit your dads tastes.  Order online here

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