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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

We love Social Media here at Enchanted On Conadilly, and we use this to keep our customers updated and informed about whats going on instore!

Sometimes its about product, sometimes its about trends, other times its just some of the silly antics we get up to!  (We are always into some sort of mischief)

We have updates reguarly on Facebook and Instagram at the above links!

If you have something you think might interest us, tag us! Find something you like that you want us to stock? Let us know!  We want to work with our customers to meet your needs!

Our Enchanted Goddess page of Instagram gets a workout with #whatjodiwore. I love playing with clothes and love to mix and match items.  Whether its wearing some new styles or mixing up old wardrobe favorites with some lovely accessories, I will share all of this on #whatjodiwore.  Im no model believe me, and getting a bit long in the tooth!  But its not about age, or size, its about having fun with what we wear and being comfrotable and practicle!  We love to share what other Goddesses have worn too, so please share your images with us! :)

Look forward to see you on social media.

Love Jodi & the Enchanted Team

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